Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth hour 2012

In an era of deep financial crisis, where should we find a shelter?
Where can we find the valuable antidote to pessimism?
We suggest it can be found where the source of life originates.

For us this land is no other place, than Greece with its fabulous landscapes, and its fauna and flora.
It is our history, our cultural inheritance, the Greek local cuisine and its local products. 
In other words that might be the place, where one can find quality of life, sustainable development and quality tourism.

Today many might regard environmental protection as a luxury. 

We stand opposite to that view.

Protecting the environment for us is not a luxury it is rather a necessity.

We can save the environment and everything that it provides us for.

We can protect all of them honey, wine, olive oil, pride, the shade which trees provide us.

With this rationale we attribute a special meaning to Greek participation in Earth Hour urging Greek citizens to participate massively in Earth Hour sending their personal message of how.

On Saturday 31st March at 20:30 we all unite both our messages and our power and turn off the lights for one hour!

This action will signal that the next day is going to be the time for engagement and positive activism.

adaptation by D. K. Georgalas & G. Bekatoros

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